The International Journal of Applied Language Studies and Culture: Announcements 2023-07-04T13:15:14+00:00 Open Journal Systems <p>In order to be an effective communicator in today’s interconnected world, beside being technologically savvy there is also a need to be aware of how language shape different social realities. Learning a foreign language, teaching foreign languages and intercultural communication are only few of the domains that one should take into account when discussing applied language studies.<br />After carefully reviewing existing journals of applied language and studies, our institution saw a possibility to add to the existing body of publications by establishing a journal where researchers will be able to express their unique approach towards applied language topics by following the concepts of post-positivistic and cultural criticism approach. </p> CALLING PAPERS FOR VOLUME 7, ISSUE-1, June 2024. 2023-07-04T13:15:14+00:00 The International Journal of Applied Language Studies and Culture 2023-07-04T13:15:14+00:00