The Use of Research Posters in The Elt Classroom


  • Marija Stevkovska Faculty of Education, International Balkan University, Skopje, North Macedonia



EFL, poster presentations, team work, research skills


The use of actual classroom posters is a blend of using technology and developing students’ tactile senses. The students at the English Language School at the International Balkan University attend a one-year intensive language program. In order to implement alternative teaching methods and techniques, during the winter semester students participate in a research poster presentation project. The aims of the poster projects include: promoting team work, developing students’ cooperation and collaborative skills, as well as their research skills, and learning English in a fun and creative way. A survey was conducted with 200 students in order to receive students’ feedback on the poster project experience. According to the survey results, most students chose learning English in a fun and creative way and improving their team work skills both as the most important and the most interesting things they learned during the poster projects. Students found working with others and finding the right information on the internet to be the least appealing aspect of the project. They had most difficulties with reacting to teachers’ and other students’ comments, as well as working with other students and learning from them. In conclusion, students are generally in favour of alternative methods of teaching, such as learning English through making and presenting posters. Furthermore, teachers should consider the fact that students have not had much previous experience with team work and therefore need additional training to help them collaborate better and to learn how to respond to feedback and assessment of their work.


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