• Antela Voulis PhDc Center for Albanian Studies, Tirana



the narrator, personage-narrator, character, descriptive, artistic structures


Petro Marko is considered by critics as one of the founders of modern Albanian prose. Scientific assessments of Petro Markos’s creativity are mainly based on long and short prose, in the form of genuine critical studies, short predictions, comments and analysis. There are papers of this nature written by scholars such as: Floresha Dado, Adriatik Kallulli, Bashkim Kuçuku, Ali Aliu, Robert Elsie and many others. The subject matter of these articles varies from simple information to moments of writer’s life, to genuine studies and analysis regarding interpretation and explanation of different elements of the structure of his literary works. In this case, we would like to highlight an article written by the author Bashkim Kuçuku, namely the novel “A name on four streets”. In this particular paper, Kucuku discusses the symbolism of the novel’s title, that even in its metaphorical form didn’t escape the punishment of dictatorship censure, closely connected with the tragic fate that followed Petro Marko. And by doing so the researcher gives us a detailed insight of the connection between his work and a broader background of Marco’s biography. In this context, together with the detailed analysis of the novel’s title, we will find the key point that paves the way for penetrating the original metaphor and symbolism of the story. According to Kuçuku, Petro Marko is a dignified, idealist, as well a stoic writer for justice and social equality. It is precisely this book, “A name in four ways”, that distinctly portrays the aforementioned author as one of the leading writers of prose in Albania and this work is one of his most distinguished among all the others. It is the aim of this study to harmonize the internal narrative analysis of the prose style with the poetic expression of all Petro Mario’s creative work.


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