• Hyreme Gurra State University of Tetova, English Language Department
  • Vjolica Berisha State University of Tetova, English Language Department
Keywords: Emily Dickinson, Migjeni, comparison, differences, similaritie


This paper draws a comparison between two selected poets, Emily Dickinson and  Milosh Gjergj Nikolla which were not separated from each other by a century but  belonged to different gender groups and lived in different continents. In this  paper we are  going to analyse both of these poets’  major works and also we are going to emphasize what two poets have in common and what differs them. Inspired by the conditions and circumtancies of their nations, social theme was the  main theme which left its impact on all their  thinking and gave its tint to the majority of their poems. Not many poets or writers of that time were able to reflect on what concerned people, in this artistic and brave way as they did. They raised their voice against many issues and revealed this on their innovative and original creations. Both of them encouraged humans to indulge in a healthy level of doubt and scepticism, but not to the point of nihilistic despair. They searched for hope within another source – the human body comprising of a pure soul, which itself according to them, always contains a spark of divinity.


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