• Dervish Alimi Lecturer at University of Tetova, Faculty of Philology
Keywords: Antique, slavicism, inheritance, vocabulary, borowings, interference, tribes, traces, mark, language, neighbor, etc.morphological adaptation


The questions are: Where are the ‘footprints’ of the ancient Macedonian Macedonians’ toponyms and vocabulary, remaining in the linguistic-semantic fund that would witness the continuity of historical development and transformation, respectively, the “antico-Slavic mixing” that has been widely claimed by some Macedonian historian? “What are the remaining words of the ancient Macedonian heritage, even of the language of the old Greeks old neighbors who would testify to their every day contacts?”, when we see that today’s vocabulary fund of the Macedonian language is strictly Slavic, except for Turkish and Bulgarian-Serbian borrowings and the modern inflows of internationalisms and technicalities? Where are the old ancient Macedonian words which the Macedonian Slavic language today inherited, however few were they ?! The ancient language dictionary of the ancient Macedonian tribe should have definitely left a mark on today’s Macedonian language vocabulary, as they have left the mark of the old Anglo-Saxon in today’s English language or the language of Old Gallons in the French language today. This is the fact of the missing points of contacts between these two cultures, among others....


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Историја на Македонскиот народ, Уредник: проф. д-р Тодор Чепреганов, група на Автори:, Институт за национална историја Скопје, 2008

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